Rye Shabby

"Shabdullah's Cliche Rap Henny Seabass"


Rye Shabby

What were your memories of food growing up and do you have any particularly memorable dishes from your childhood?
My memories of food growing up are fairly weird, as much as I love grub now, as a kid I was sooo fussy and wouldn’t eat much. My ma and dad used to make me stay up the table until I had eaten it, sometimes I would be up there until 10pm haha. The tough love worked though! My favourite dishes were my ma’s classic chicken rice & peas, and my dad’s shepherds pie (my dad is the West Indian one, and my ma is the English one, strange how whilst cooking they would switch cultures lol).

Have you got any favourite food bars in music?
A few people have most probably already used the great Baklava, but he is one of my favourite rappers too, fucking hilarious dude. The song from I think its Blue Chips 2 with Body & Mac Miller - “How d'ya think I got art displayed on dinner plates, first course was from the finger lakes, last course was cinnamon ginger cake” delivery is always on point.

What would be your last meal on death row?
My last meal would be a whole see bass with crushed herb potatoes. ‘Cos I’m that guy beyond the drugs, alcohol & scumbag appearance. I really does this when I do it. Probably with a side of fish finger sandwich to bring me back down to earth and remind me of where I came from.

What munch are you reaching for after a night on the Henny?
Probably more Henny. Then whatever booze I have left in the fridge. But food wise I always crave the standard bacon, but always end up going over the top because I am waved. One time I tried to marinate bacon before cooking it in my sandwich, it was rancid but I still munched it.

Favourite TV chef?
Ainsley Harriet or man like Gordon. Ainsley is so funny when he does that weird shimmy shimmy thing with the pan, and Gordon is just too much how he mugs people like he does, great entertainment.

Best Ipswich eating spots?
Pffft, there isn’t much round here. Decent places are probably, The Museum Street Cafe where they do a mental Lental Dahl, or I love a Bella Napoli movement too.

Quick Fire Round:
Steak or Seabass?
Eggs Benedict or Spanish Omlette? Spanish Omlette (even though I have a song called Eggs Benedict)
Hot Pepper Sauce or Sriracha? Difficult, but hot pepper sauce.

You've named Nas as being one of your early influences - but can you complete these classic food (or drink) bars from Illmatic?
‘Cause life ain't shit but stress, fake n****s, and crab stunts
So I guzzle my
 .... Hennessey while pulling on mad blunts’
Represent Represent!

"Shabdullah's Cliche Rap Henny Seabass" Recipe


  • 2 seabass fillets (If ya feeling generous and cooking for a chick or ya dog or summit. It also it super peng if you use salmon, if ya local supermarket fish monger is moving shoddy like mine usually is).

  • Bottle of Hennessy (otherwise the cliche rap recipe doesn't work)

  • A cutler new potatoes

  • Asparagus

  • King Prawns

  • Butter (that peng expensive shit mixed with olive oil)

  • And whatever herbs & spices you want to add, I literally just chuck in whatever I have in the cupboard and it works, the idea is to coat the fillets in so much Henny that you get half cut so anything tastes half decent.


  1. Boil them spuds for a generous amount of time so they are lovely & soft, the idea is you chuck fuck loads of butter on em when they're boiled with ya herbs and then crush them slightly, I don't even know why it just makes them look more appetizing.

  2. Then heat a large pan, drizzle with olive oil and chuck a nob of butter in there (pause). Get a mixing bowl chuck your fish in there, use hole rock salt and slap that shit into the fish as well as black pepper.

  3. Chop up a chilli or 3 if you have them and dash them in too, if not use chilli powder but that's moist.

  4. Then I do a couple of shots of Henny and share some with the fish too, then pop both fillets into the pan.

  5. While its cooking turn the heat down slightly and pour the liquor onto the fish while it cooks, it will sizzla kalonji so be careful.

  6. By this point, I am usually drunk so I chuck in the asparagus with the fish and let it all cook together in the juices of alcoholism and other random spices, as well as the chillies. It doesn't take long at all.

  7. Then you plate it up, doing a few more shots of Henny in between each step. I know I am no pro chef, but trust me this is decent, and I don't get that usual piss head feeling once I am mohammered because I am eating a semi healthy meal.

  8. Bon Appi Tit.