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Gi3mo (Rum Committee)

Quesa Del 101


Can you tell us a bit about your experience of food growing up? Any particularly memorable dishes from your childhood?
To be honest, I grew up on council food; chips, beans, chicken nuggets, that sort of stuff.  On Sundays I'd go Maccy's or KFC with my dad or sometimes to my Nan’s for a roast.  It'd be like Bernard Matthews turkey roll and roast potatoes with my Nan’s beard hair in them so I wasn't really too keen.   When you walk through Moulscoombe (Council estate) on a Sunday there’s a certain smell in the air,  it's kind of greasy like the sort of smell a really old brown cooker makes but coming from lots of houses at the same time.  My mum was never the greatest at cooking and I was a fussy little twat, so I didn't eat that well, for a while I lived off bowls of cereal and Pot Noodles. 
Food then.. It was all pretty bleak now I think of it.

As a long standing member of Rum Com, where did the name come from?
The exact point Rum Committee started, I was recording with Sherlock Bones, Bukioe and Direct and we spoke about starting  something new, we were drinking a bottle and at the time. Bukioe had a track about some girls at a party nicking his Rum that has the line (something like)
"So the moral of the story is a very simple one, you don't fuck with Bukioe and certainly don't drink his rum!"
It all just slid into place the conversation was along the lines of..
"Rum squad? Nahhh.”
"Rum Gang?" Nahh.”
"It needs to sound a bit more authoritative, can't be the same as everyone else.
I remember Direct piped up "COMMITTEE!" Rum committee, Rum com for short.
Bang. We all knew it was right.

Have you got any fat jokes for us from back in your battle rap days?
The simple ones are the best, when I clashed that legendary scouser Steve O'shea back in the day, I had one that went..
"Me and O'shea were at the bar, I said your Round..
He goes What you wanna drink lad?
Stupid shit.

What are some of your favourite food bars in music?
Probably some really unimaginative bar about cooking work, I'm working the stove like.. ee arr Westside Gunn has got that.
'Whipping yola like i'm cooking fucking eggs!'.  That's gas.
A funny song about grub is Edan's beautiful food, funny shit.

Whats the most obscure eating experience you've ever had?
One thing that springs to mind is; in Marrakesh there's a spot called Narwama.. the obscure bit is they do Thai food,  I think it may have changed a bit from when I was last there but the king of Morocco is boys with the king of Thailand and they go there for dinner when he flies in. When I heard that I felt like I should be eating there too.
It's quite a beautiful setting, looks like something out of a Bond movie..

Another one (Gloat alert) is, I won an eating competition, something with Dastard and Choice, something I've since vowed to never do again.
The proof? >

Last meal on death row?
I got a book about this shit and these death row guys go IN with their last meals.. that in mind.. I'd go for a fillet steak. Maybe from special cows, Wagyu or Belgian blue with bernaise sauce.  A bucket of fried chicken and a box of hot wings. (Swear down about 75% of death row meals is KFC).
I'd need a selection of Mexican food with all the sides.
A kids birthday party style spread.
Bacon and peanut butter toasted bagels with mushy bananas and honey.
A selection of sugary american breakfast cereals for pudding.
Urm can you have Beer, spirits? Probably not innit?

Who's got the best cheffing game at Rum Com?
Gotta be a toss up between me and Ragz but i'd probably give it to the big man.  Last time I went to his he made me a veggie lasagne and it was fucking superb.

Are there any food spots you want to shout out in Brighton or around the globe?
Wanna shout out Cafe Chilli, Sebbhz Carribean and Burger Brothers in Brighton.

Gizmo's Quesa Del 101 (Quesadillas with Guac and Red pepper Scrambled eggs)


  • Tortillas

  • Good Chedder

  • Chorizo

  • Red Onions

  • Red Peppers

  • Green Peppers

  • Cherry tomoatoes

  • Eggs

  • Coriander

  • Limes

  • Black pepper


  • Jalapenos

  • Fresh chillies

  • Re-fried beans

  • Salsa

  • Garlic

Back when I lived at 101, quesadillas was like the official breakfast, such a great start to a day of backing cans  and shouting at people from the patio. Oh and really simple to pull off. As people like to make snide remarks and racist Mexican jokes about my racial ambiguity, this ones for them haters ha.
I'm extremely uncertain about the authenticity of my methods and recipe but it still tastes better than any I've had cooked by white people/restaurants/chains around the way I've seen people put tomato puree and all sorts in but I think it's a bit overwhelming and makes it taste like a shit pizza when it is in fact something that is (in my humble opinion)  infinitely better than pizza.


  1. First things first, chop up the chorizo into slices and get it in the pan on a medium heat. No oil required as the oil from the chorizo is what we're after and later we're gonna toast the quesadillas in it. You wanna fry that till it starts charring but don't burn it! Once it's done put it all to one side..

  2. Next prepare the filling, chop the red onions, one sliced and one diced into tiny squares (for the guac). Cut the cherry toms into halves or quarters and finely chop some coriander. We're gonna slice the red pepper up into thin pieces then chop them up into small squares (for the eggs) Also dice up a little bit of the chorizo but save a few of them little porky discs of goodness for the quesadillas.

  3. Next we're gonna start filling the tortillas. Lay it out flat and pack half of the tortilla with grated cheese and a little black pepper. Dot a few pieces of chorizo about and fill it with red onions, a little green pepper, a few tomatoes and put a sprinkle of coriander and a little squeeze of lime in. The point with this is you can put as much or as little of each thing as you like. If you like re-fried beans for example, add em in - I don't have it cos I like to keep things light but you can proper pack em if you want. I personally think they're better thin and toasty. Same goes for heat, I like hot stuff so some fresh chilli peppers and jalepenos are in too.

  4. We're gonna fold that in half and stick it in the pan we just cooked the chorizo in which should give it a lovely golden colour. Turn it up to a mediumish heat. Obviously, you can cook 2 at a time. Once it looks toasty on the underside flip it over and toast it up a bit on the other side.

Scrambled Eggs:

  1. Easy method for scrambled eggs, crack a load straight into the pan with a fat lump of butter.

  2. Keep stirring with a wooden spoon and when they start to solidify add black pepper.

  3. Just while the eggs are still sticky but not fully solidified add the diced chorizo and diced red pepper.


  1. Scoop the contents of a couple avocados into a bowl, squeeze in some lime, add some chopped coriander and use a potato mashed to urm mash it up.

  2. Add the diced onion and salt and pepper. I usually put a generous dollop on each plate with a tiny bit more diced onion and coriander on the top cos it looks pretty.


So now your plate should look something like my picture with the quesadilla taking up half the plate, a quarter eggs and a quarter Guac. I hope this potentially life-changing, Mexican inspired breakfast works out for you! Tweak it to your preference and enjoy it gringo.

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