Bahian Moqueca (Brazilian fish stew)



What was your most memorable dish as a kid? / What memories of food do have growing up?
My family is half French and half South African, so food has always been high on the list of the most important things in life. Summers on the Isle of Wight with my Gran making peanut ice cream or ‘Bobotie’ (a kinda Cape Malay version of Moussaka) being a particular highlight.
We always ate healthy food at home and I developed a taste and knowledge of decent grub from a young age. In fact, before I decided that I wanted to make music I actually wanted to be a chef, but then came the realisation that to become a chef you had to start from the bottom and work really hard to be successful… whereas with music I could easily delude myself into thinking that I was brilliant already and then wait until other people got fooled into believing the same.

Have you got any favourite food bars/references in music?
I guess Action Bronson pretty much nailed the ‘rapping foodie guy’ angle, and I do love watching Fuck That’s Delicious. I also do like the really stupid and unnecessary food rap similes, or the ones where they say stuff like -  ‘My car lookin’ like raw turkey and kechups’
but I’ll pick this one from Dead Prez:
“I’m from the old school, my household smell like soul food, bruh / Curried falafel, barbecued tofu.”
Curried falafel though? Surely you don’t wanna overpower the roasted almond notes from the chick peas? Cough *wanker*.

Quick fire round:
Bagels or Doughnuts?
Frazzles or Space Raiders? Space Raiders Beef
Yorkshire pudding or Chip butty? Yorkshires for sure, is chip butty a real thing or is it what softy southerners stereotypically think northerners eat?

As the go-to-guy for mixing and mastering, what munch are you packing for a long shift in the mixing / mastering suite?
I live and work in Bangkok at the moment so probably some dried tamarind or sour mango to keep the energy levels high. In London was more like Mini Cheddars and peanut punch…

A well traveled man currently based in Bangkok, the museum of street food. What is the strangest street food you have eaten?
I ate a Laotian childs’ ear last week actually.. Nah I don’t really go for ‘eating challenges’, I eat lots of funky bits of animals like lungs and pancreas though I guess, but if you cook ‘em right they taste good to me.

Can you finish this food bar which appears on your collaborative album with Jam Baxter,  "So We Ate Them Whole”..

“They had the smack soup with them fat crack croutons, damn/ I almost puked ….. ”…Into my lapsang souchong FAMMM (ps. Lapsang Souchong is grim… tastes like your drinking someones old trousers from bonfire night)

Uncle ChemChem’s Bahian Moqueca (Brazilian fish stew) Recipe


  • 1 pound of white fish skinned fillet cut into strips (sea bass or halibut, or even cod)

  • 2 handfuls of tiger prawns

  • 1 handful mussels or clams

  • 3 limes

  • 1 large onion

  • 2 spring onions

  • 2 red / orange sweet peppers

  • 2 large tomatoes

  • 2 scotch bonnet peppers (more if you like it spicy)

  • 300ml fish stock

  • 1 bottle dende oil / west african palm oil (essential)

  • 1 can coconut milk

  • 1 bunch coriander

  • Salt and pepper


  1. Chop onions / spring onions / peppers and tomatoes finely. Cook on a low heat in 2 tablespoons palm oil in a large casserole.

  2. When onions are soft, add fish stock and coconut milk and raise heat.

  3. When boiling add the whole scotch bonnets and some salt and pepper to taste.

  4. Season the fish and prawns with salt and pepper and add to the stew along with the mussels or clams.

  5. Cook for 4-5 minutes and remove from heat.

  6. Squeeze 1.5 limes and throw a handful of chopped coriander on top and serve with the rice and extra bowls of chopped chilli and lime wedges.

Serve with boiled / steamed rice