Food & Rap.... 

...a pairing as logical as mash and gravy. Bacon and eggs. Pints and pork scratchings.
Food lyrics have been a staple in hip hop since Ice Cube's Mama “cooked the breakfast with no hog”, Biggie was filling his belly with “T-bone steak, cheese eggs and Welch's grape”. Here in the UK, Dizzee stayed “sweet as a nut, sweet like tropicana”, Jehst was “sipping on PG tips like a chimpanzee” and now Stormzy's getting a “hot chocolate and a panini to go”. Across the pond, Action Bronson is the undisputed king of the food bar, sprinkling his albums generously with gourmet references; everything from roasted bone marrow to squid ink soup.

Big Rap Cookbook was born from our mutual love of hip hop and haute cuisine. Started through an obsession with food references in Hip Hop classics, we begun posting our favourites on instagram. This later developed into the website and has now exploded into a larger project. With our first printed cookbook dropping late 2018,  our mission is to explore artists' background through their relationship with food and let them flex their culinary skills in the kitchen.

Pull up a seat at the table....let's eat!


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